How To Choose A Moving Company-Top 10 Tips!

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How To Choose A Moving  Company-Top 10 Tips!


  1. Research and referrals

Golden rule of a smooth and stress free local move is to do proper research. Finding the best local movers for your relocation is not simple, it is a process where you need to gather a bunch of information about every moving company that you are planning to call. The best case scenario is to have someone who moved recently and they can refer to their moving company. Check out their reviews and try to find out as much as you can about your local movers.

  1. Get more than one moving estimate

If this is your first time booking a particular moving company, don’t rush. Call a few moving companies to get estimates, so you have something to compare. Different moving companies have different offers and you need to see which one can meet all of your moving requirements.

  1. Be transparent about your moving needs

Don’t try to hide something from your movers because you think that you can save a few dollars here and there because you might end up having a very stressful experience. That is why you need to be honest about everything they ask because that helps them decide what is the best number of movers for your move or what can or cannot be done.

  1. To pack or not to pack

One of the biggest decisions you have to make is whether you would like to pack by yourself or do you want your moving company to help you with it. If you decide that your movers should pack your personal belongings as well, make sure to mention that because that is not a standard service local movers are offering.

  1. Moving insurance

A very big question you should ask every moving company is if they are licensed and insured. If not, probably the best decision is to avoid them. If they are, moving insurance that is usually included in the price is 60 cents per pound, so think about having third party insurance because you should confirm with your movers if they are fine with you having it.

  1. Ask questions about everything that you want to know

Don’t be shy if you want to ask something, especially if this is your first time moving. It is understandable that you are not a moving expert, otherwise you wouldn’t be calling a moving company. Go ahead and ask everything that you want to know about their prices and services.

  1. Choose the moving date

You should have a moving date in mind when calling your local movers because price might be different depending if you are asking for a work day or weekend. Also, if you are flexible with a moving date, feel free to ask your movers if there is any price difference between days.

  1. Write everything down or ask for an email quote

After you call a few moving companies, you will lose a track of who told you what, that is why you should write everything down or ask for an email quote so you can have everything in a written form.

  1. Make a decision

After you collected all the information that you need, you should make a final decision. Don’t wait until the last moment to secure your spot, especially in the moving season, because quality moving companies get booked up pretty fast and you don’t want to lose that spot once you have made a final decision.

  1. Read the confirmation email in detail

After you are done with setting your move, the local moving company should send you a confirmation email. Make sure to read carefully all the details they sent so you don’t get surprised by something on your moving day. It is worth spending a few minutes on that in order to have a smooth and worry-free relocation.