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There are so many reasons why one may turn to find packing help. It doesn’t matter if you will hire professional packing assistance, or have some friends and family members help you out, the point is packing for a move requires more than one person. No, packing is not fun. It is far from being a part of the move you can sit back and relax while completing, as it can also be very physically tiring. Other than being tiring, pulling together boxes and other packing materials can take some time. Deciding on which stuff to keep, donate or sell takes a lot of time, especially if you haven’t decluttered in a while.

Many people don’t know that you can actually hire professionals to help you with the packing only. If you haven’t really planned on having an entire move accommodated by the movers, but you could truly use some packing assistance, then you should definitely bear in mind that hiring packing-only professionals are an option!

Are there specialized companies for packing assistance?

Yes and no! Among many companies providing moving-related services, there are packing-only companies out there, but they very rarely provide residential packing services. They are usually related to padding, packing, and securing some specialized items, such as pianos, statues, and similar. When it comes to the regular local moving companies, you will probably be hiring movers that pack for you, which means that packing professionals can be hired from moving companies.

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San Diego Moving Services is one of the companies that can offer movers that pack for you! We have already mentioned that packing help can be very useful for saving time, money, and peace of mind, but it also plays a crucial role in the overall success of your move. No matter how hard you try, if you haven’t packed, padded, and protected your belongings efficiently, the ending result will be very unsatisfying, and you may end up with damaged items, which is the last thing you want in a move.

We’ll not only be your packing help and heavy lifters, but we will also be your packing assistance in the full meaning of that word. We can provide you with the packing supplies of top quality and endurance to make sure your items are protected with the best materials there are - but please bear in mind that we can as well use the materials you’ve purchased elsewhere. Also, our moving advisors are available to you every day of the week until the late afternoon hours, so that the movers that pack for you already have your created plan in mind when they arrive at your place.

What does the process of packing only services look like?

First, let’s go over packing boxes. Here in San Diego Moving Services, we are using quality packing material that will ensure the safety of your miscellaneous belongings. Our professional packers will make sure your belongings are safely padded and packed in order that everything gets to your new location in one piece. Sometimes our clients choose to declutter their house, office, or storage unit before our packing-only specialists arrive. This usually saves a lot of time during the packing process, and it is a good tip even if you are packing on your own. What makes decluttering an amazing part prior to the professional packing is that it also saves some money - less stuff, less time, less money.

Reach out to us and get your free, non-obligatory quote for packing-only services. We promise that San Diego Moving Services will not only make sure your belongings travel safely but with the right amount of guidance and packing help you will feel safer too.