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As a locally owned home and residential moving company, we are very well familiar with the area of San Diego and its surrounding. Our movers helped countless clients plan, organize and execute their house moves, and it is our honor to say they turn to us each and every time when they are in need of furniture movers. San Diego has a lot of residential movers to offer, but not many are highly motivated, dedicated professionals. Here in San Diego Moving Services, we understand how important home and residential moving is, since we not only have professional experience in house moving but personal experience, too.

We are among the best residential moving companies in the area

It is not that difficult to point out the features that make us different from the majority of residential movers San Diego located. Even though there truly are some good furniture moving companies, San Diego Moving Services was founded and continued developing in the neighborhood. We don’t just have the knowledge and the skills when it comes to moving, which, you will agree, is the most important characteristic of a good moving company, but we also breathe and live in San Diego. We know all the areas, all the streets, we know how the traffic works. If you are looking for the best residential moving companies, this is definitely that special factor that makes all the difference. San Diego Moving Services can offer you impeccable services at an affordable price, a professional team, and amazing customer service. But let’s take a look at the process step by step!

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What you can expect from our furniture movers - San Diego Moving Services?

Once you give us a call, our Sales Representatives will provide you not only with the free, non-obligatory moving quote, but also moving advice. Being in the home and residential moving for a long period of time, we’ve gained enough knowledge and skills to recognize your needs, spot the issues along the way and offer solutions. We will guide you through the moving and booking process at a pace that works for you best, and we are there seven days a week to provide you with the much-needed support during the process that is ahead of you. San Diego Moving Services is offering unique moving plans to each and every client.

After choosing us to be your residential movers, what you can expect our crew to do on the day of your move is the following:

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The foreman will have a short walkthrough to assess the size of the move and estimate the duration;

Your furniture will be carefully disassembled and reassembled with our own tools;

After that everything will be carefully wrapped up with plastic wrap and moving blankets that are free to use during the move - wardrobe boxes can be also used, so you don’t have to pack your hanging clothes, we can take care of that on your moving day;

The truck will be loaded and the items will be brought or your new home;

Items will be rearranged inside the new space, and the furniture assembled back.

BSan Diego Moving Services is the right choice even if looking for piano movers San Diego located!

Looking for moving help in San Diego might lead you to a bunch of different companies, but we are confident to openly invite you to take some time and take a closer look at San Diego Moving Services.

All of our packers and movers are experts when it comes to moving. The number of our satisfied customers and the years of experience are what make us proudly say we are among the best residential movers in San Diego.